Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems provide clean, safe drinking water that is so essential to good health. Even if you have clean water on tap there are still various ways it can become contaminated.  This doesn’’t necessarily mean your water is a health risk, however considering what happens to water before you turn on the tap;  it isn’’t surprising that it isn’’t absolutely pure.

If you have any concerns about your water supply, water filtration systems are a good investment, since it gives you peace of mind to know you have done all you can to filter out bacteria.

Not all filtration systems are equal so it is very important to know exactly what you want out of a water purifier.

Keeping Drinking Water Safe

To make sure drinking water is safe, high levels of salts and chlorine are used to kill bacteria. This will affect the taste of the water.  Water filtration systems help to alleviate this problem.

water filtration systems under sink


You might not like the idea of these chemicals being added to your water but the alternative is not a healthy option. Untreated water carries all manner of bacteria and diseases such as cholera and malaria; these can be fatal and spread quickly through unsafe drinking water.

Good water purifiers are able to filter out the bad stuff and leave the healthy stuff such as minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium in. These are normally found in spring water and contribute to the fresh clean taste.

Lime scale

There are many reasons why your water might not be as clean as you would like. If you live in a hard water area you are probably familiar with lime scale which is caused by high levels of calcium bicarbonate and other salts.

It will cause scale to appear inside kettles and irons and can alter the taste of water. It is necessary to use water softener for laundry and soaps don’t lather so well. If you have this type of water look for water Filters that can deal with this problem.


In some areas water is affected by runoffs such as rural farming or industrial operations. This can lead to water contamination; your water may be affected by pesticides, herbicides, solvents and pharmaceuticals. Over 2,000 of these have been identified and many are known to be carcinogenic.

water filters in a water filtration system

This is a scary scenario, for this situation you really need to know that the Water Filtration System you choose is up to the job.
Deal with a reputable Water Filtration Systems company that can give you advice about your geographical location.

Lead Pipes

Old houses and buildings often have hidden dangers in the form of lead pipes.
Drinking water that flows through lead piping can cause an accumulation of heavy metals in the body. This can cause very serious health problems; it is detrimental to the nervous system and can affect motor skills and balance.

Although the big water companies have good filtration systems some micro-organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia can occasionally slip through.
These are extremely dangerous organisms and can be fatal to anyone with a weak immune system and the frail or elderly.

In all fairness, water companies test their water regularly and do their best to keep water clean. However since it is a difficult operation more and more people are installing their own filtration systems.  Clean drinking water helps to keep you healthy so it is necessary to have confidence in your water supply.

In most cases tap water contains a certain amount of sediment and minute particles, although these aren’t considered to be damaging to your health, water filtration systems help to eradicate the risk.

Independent Water Supply

water filtration systems single filter

Water filtration systems are particularly good if you source your own water.
This may be a bore system, private dam, a well or rainwater tank.  Many people assume that rainwater is pure but this depends on your geographical location.  If you live in a pristine area the rain water will contain few pollutants, however if you live in an industrial area water could contain several contaminates.

Water Filtration Systems for Everyone

Whatever you’re particular requirements there will be a system to suit. These include:

  • Water purifier tablets
  • Systems for camping
  • Mobile filtration for backpacking
  • Ultraviolet purifiers
  • Reverse osmosis filtration systems
  • Under the sink filter units

Free standing bench top kits

If you are in your own home it is worth getting an under the sink unit fitted, if however you are renting or leasing you can hire water filters for the duration of your stay.

Technology enables us to have good clean drinking water always at our disposal.

water filtration systems fitting

Buying bottled water is ok in the short term but becomes very expensive over time; also it is not environmentally friendly because of the plastic waste.

If you are serious about drinking clean water do the math and research so that you get maximum benefit from your water filtration systems.

Good luck.

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