Spirituality is best described as our personal relationship with a higher power or divine law.

Because it is a personal relationship, it is important that our belief or faith is exactly right for us.

For most or us, the belief has been shaped in our childhood, but as we mature, it is up to us to decide which path we will travel.  For some of us it is enough to stick with what we know.  It is probably safe and comfortable and we may never feel the need to search for anything else.
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Spirituality tends to translate literally into religion, possibly because over a long period of time the two have been synonymous.  However, it is possible to be spiritual without having an alliance to any particular religion.  Spirituality is a personal thing and we are all free to get in touch with our own spirituality in any way we choose.

It is true that we might want to mix with others with the similar feelings as our own, but these are loose connections and don’t tie us into any particular teaching.  If for whatever reason you are going along with a notion or concept that means little to you, it might be worth looking at other options that are out there.


Your spirituality should be a source of comfort and joy; it should be the foundation stone of your life on which you build a code for living.  It’s your inner strength that nourishes you in times of adversity, it’s the flame that burns and drives you towards your goals, and it’s the knowledge that you are loved no matter what.

Nurture your spirit on a regular basis.  Take time out to communicate with your divine power.  Review your behaviour with honesty so that you can be at peace with yourself. 

As a society we must live according to certain standards and laws but the final decision on how you live your life is up to you.  By having your own code or set of laws you can live your life secure in the knowledge that you’ve chosen a way of living that is right for you.


Don’t set yourself standards that you can’t possibly live up to, be realistic so that you don’t spend all your time beating yourself up with guilt.  Remember you’re not expected to be perfect, just be the best you can be.

Exploring your own feelings gives you a better understanding of yourself and can help to bring about inner peace.  People that are happy within themselves are less likely to succumb to illness.  They lead more productive lives and are more likely to be in control of their destiny.


If you are having difficulty in defining your own spiritual feelings, it might be a good idea to take some time out and think about it.  Pick a time when you know you are going to be alone, and relax in a peaceful atmosphere.  Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself. 
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These are purely to make you think and expand your feelings. There are of course no right or wrong answers.  This has always been the major problem with religions, that their way is right and the only way!  No religion has the knowledge to tell you what happens after death, so now you are free to choose your own path, to choose that which gives you the most comfort. 
So go ahead and ask yourself.

  • Do I believe in a higher source of power?
  • >Do I believe mankind to be the Supreme Being?
  • If there is a higher being, is it singular and can I term it God?
  • Is it a more general feeling, a universal power or knowledge?
  • Would I rather look inside myself for guidance and inspiration?
  • Do I believe in reincarnation or life after death?
  1. If so, do we progress to different levels?
  2. >Do I believe in a heaven or hell?
  3. Do I fit into a recognized religion?


Although our belief is a personal thing it can be sociable and enjoyable to spend time with others who are of a like mind.  For some this is a very important part of their spiritual being, it can also be very comforting in times of sorrow and distress but also uplifting when they want to share their joy.

Spirituality is more important than most westerners now give credit for.  Nurturing our soul is every bit as important as nourishing our body, if we are at peace with ourselves we will find it easier to interact with others

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