Sea Change

Choosing a new lifestyle is often referred to as a sea change or tree change, this is because many people perceive living by the coast or in the country as a more simple,  peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

The reason why you are thinking of a change isn’t important, what is important is making the right choices about something that will affect your future happiness.

A sea change is all about choosing a new lifestyle by  relocating to a new area.  In some cases it may be a fairly local move and for others it might mean moving interstate.  Often the transition is a smooth one but there can be pitfalls that aren’t always immediately obvious, knowing about them beforehand may save stress later.
sea change
Moving to the country or a less populated area has a lot of benefits, however if you live in a city or suburban area it’s quite likely that you take many services and conveniences for granted, these services  aren’t always available in  rural areas.

When choosing your sea change

take in to consideration things such as medical facilities, education, childcare, public transport, employment opportunities and any other services you use on a regular basis.  Moving to remote and rural areas generally means you will need to be more independent, for instance a good reliable vehicle will be very important.

Access to retail stores may also be limited, although internet shopping goes a long way to alleviate this, it can be a problem. Being organized is the key, shopping lists come in handy when it’s a 3 hour round trip to the grocery store!  Choices can also be limited, it’s not a major problem but it can take some getting used to. In some areas you may also have to deal with higher prices, do your homework on the financial aspects whatever lifestyle you choose.

Mobile phones and internet products play a big part in modern life however coverage for these type of things aren’t available everywhere. .Make sure you do some research on this if having access to internet is important to you.


For many people climate plays a big part in going for a sea change. The lure of warm sunshine and sandy beaches is very strong  or mountains covered with snow look romantic on postcards. The reality is that the climate that produces this type of environment often has a downside. It doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the lifestyle it’s just a question of being aware of what might happen.
sea change to country or tree change
These are the type of questions you might like to ask yourself when choosing a sea change.

  • Will I be able to cope with the heat during the wet season?
  • Do I feel comfortable in a forest environment during the fire season?
  • How do I feel about dealing with cyclones or tornados?
  • Will I be able to cope if I’m cut off by floods?
  • Could I manage if I was snowed in?

Some of these conditions are extreme and you may never experience them, however forewarned is forearmed.  When choosing a place to start your new lifestyle be sure to take the climate into consideration.

Climate will also have an impact on health problems such as arthritis and asthma. My mother’s arthritis improved greatly when she moved from a cold damp climate to a warm dry one, health issues are important when choosing a new lifestyle.

Social Network

If you are moving away from friends and family be aware that it will take time to build a new social network. When choosing a new lifestyle take your emotional needs such as friendship into consideration.
sea change tranquility
If you are considering a radical lifestyle change it would be a good idea to draw a list of pros and cons. Take a sheet of paper draw a line down the middle and write pros on one side and cons on the other. Write down everything, however trivial for and against your decision. You will be amazed at how this will clarify your thoughts and take you right to the heart of your situation.

Choosing to opt for a sea change is exciting and challenging, thinking about the more mundane aspects of the change shouldn’t dampen your enthusiasm. Getting it right means a better chance of making it work for the future.

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