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A portable income is the ideal solution if you want to make enough money to free yourself from the tyranny of a fixed place of workIt means you can work from home or even better, just about any place you like.

Today we live on a sailing yacht living the lifestyle we enjoy because we have this type of income.

A portable income could improve your health.

Your health is directly related to your lifestyle. If you can free yourself from money worries, you will be able to enjoy life more, financial stress can take a serious toll on your health.

I am convinced it contributed to my brush with breast cancer and when I recovered I was determined not to have money worries again.  The more relaxed and happy you are the better the your health will be.

If you can move out of the city into a healthy environment, this will greatly improve your health. If you have asthma, you could move to an area that is less humid or has less pollen.

We started our computer based income while both working full time, when it was up and running we moved aboard our yacht and now cruise permanently.

A portable income allowed us to sail our yacht

A portable income allowed us to sail our yacht

A portable income will make a difference. 

  • How much free time would you have if you didn’t have to commute to work?
  • Would you live in the same place or choose a different location?
  • Would you travel and be constantly on the move?
  • Maybe you love where you live but would just like more time to enjoy it.
  • Whatever the reason a portable income gives you choices.

Can I do it?

Absolutely.  Anyone can benefit.  A stay at home mom, a retiree with time to spare, someone who just lost a job, in a job you want to get out of, all types from all backgrounds.

Its always exciting to read the stories of people who have taken up the challenge and made a success of their “be anywhere” income, they come from all walks of life.

The best thing is as you work from home, or your mountain cabin maybe your yacht, your world will expand and you will be amazed at the change.

A Portable Income lets you travel

Ballooning in Italy

You might only want to supplement your income.   It’s the perfect way to start a business.  Start by just earning a little extra money.  You can work at it in your spare time with the hours of your choice.

This is the ideal situation for you to dip your toe in, not everyone likes to jump straight in.

It isn’t difficult.  We live in a truly technological age, if you have basic computer skills such as sending an email or posting to Facebook, these are all you need. Be warned though you will learn more!

Trish at work in the cockpit

Trish at work in the cockpit

Learn how to build websites that showcase your talents, hobbies, knowledge or interests to help others and earn an income at the same time.

Whoa! I hear you say ‘I can’t build websites’ well, Yes , actually you can.  All the information you need is delivered in easy to follow steps and ongoing support is second to none.

A work from home income is a concept just made for our time. We have the technology for it to happen, more and more people are learning how to set themselves free. It’s an exciting time.

Learn how to create a portable income using proven strategies and an unbelievable step by step guide. Have a truly healthy lifestyle by working from home no matter where that may be.

If you could benefit from a portable income. (or any income!!)
Visit U-Breakthrough.com

Don’t forget to leave a question or comment below.  I will get back to you.  Good luck.

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