Natural Beauty Products

Over the last few years the trend towards using natural beauty products has been growing rapidly.  As women become more aware of what damage chemicals can do to their bodies they are beginning to make more informed choices about the types of products they use.

Natural beauty products

are the logical option when it comes to skincare and make-up.  Most women use make-up and beauty products every day of their lives.  The skin is the body’s biggest organ and accounts for the biggest absorption of toxins.  When you consider that regular make-up and skincare contains many carcinogens and chemicals, the logistics of how much you apply over a period of time is scary.

Thousands of women are now opting to remove the health threat by using natural beauty products.

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Moves are now underway in some states to make testing procedures for make-up and beauty products to be more rigorous.  Now that more is known about health risks associated with chemicals in make-up, the need for better regulation becomes more important.

Skin Care

Natural beauty products are generally made using ingredients such as plant waxes, beeswax, botanical oils and mineral pigments. The absence of ingredients such as petrochemicals means products are gentler on the skin and less likely to cause irritation or allergies.

The upsurge in the use natural products means that there is now a wide variety of merchandise available.  Eye serum by Xtend-Life is typical of the type of skincare product to chose when buying natural beauty products.  This product is produced using ingredients such as marine collagen, Manuka honey and lanolin and is extremely gentle for the delicate eye area.

Make-up and Cosmetics

Some regular brands of lipstick still contain lead; this is a bit of a worry when you consider how many times you touch up your lips during the day. As well as containing several chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic many lipsticks still use carmine as a coloring agent. Carmine is obtained by crushing carmine beetles; this can cause an allergy or intense itching for some people. This isn’t news but the use of natural products just makes more women aware of the facts.

natural beauty products, lipstick

Consider using a lipstick made from more natural ingredients such as organic oils and waxes, vitamin E and rose oil. Then you can touch up as often as you like, safely.

Mineral Make-Up

Mineral make-up has become very popular over the last few years and is renowned for its ability to cover imperfections and blemishes.  Organic mineral make-up is made from minerals that are milled to a cosmetic grade; colour is produced by iron oxides that have been oxidized in water. Mineral make-up that is not all natural is bulked out with fillers such as talc, magnesium stearate or cornflour.  When buying make-up read labels to ensure you are purchasing the most natural beauty products.

Shampoo and Soaps

Regular hair care products, soaps and body washes contain Sodium Lauryl sulphate, this is a harsh chemical which strips hair or skin of its natural oils.  Over time this can cause the scalp and skin to become dry or itchy. By using natural beauty aids you will help skin to retain oils and elasticity.

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There are plenty of great products on the market, once you understand how much better natural makeup is for your skin and overall health; you will never go back to regular products.

Strategies to Limit Chemicals

You are surrounded by chemicals; they are in your bathroom cabinet, the cleaning cupboard, laundry room, your dish washer and your make-up drawer. Here are a few tips to help limit the amount of chemicals you absorb or inhale each day.

  • Protect your face and use a well ventilated area when you apply hair colorant or hair spray.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when applying perfume. Do not spray near babies or children and try not to do it in a closed environment.
  • Use a disposable face mask when applying nail polish.
  • Instead of a foaming face wash consider using a natural beauty product such as goat’s milk soap.

If you are using powerful teeth whitening products cut down on the amount times you use them. For instance clean your teeth with the whitener in the morning and use ordinary toothpaste for the rest of the day.
Think about the products you use and ask yourself what sort of changes you can make to benefit your health.  Using natural beauty products will certainly help to limit the damage from chemicals that are present in other beauty aids.
I have used Xtendlife natural beauty products for some time and I’m happy to recommend them.    Skincare Overview By XtendLife.
Good luck.

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