Moving House Checklist

The moving house checklist is all about following a few simple strategies that will help to make your home moving experience less traumatic.  Moving house can be a little daunting but if you have lived in the same house or accommodation for a long time, it can be down right scary.

Most people don’t realize how much “stuff” they have accumulated until they need to move. Your moving house checklist aims to take some of stress out of your move.

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The secret to moving house is organization and you can never start planning too soon. It’s important to avoid leaving things to the last minute.  To make it as easy for you as possible, this moving house checklist also offers help and advice.

Moving House Checklist 1

Make sure you set a definite date for moving out of the old and into the new. Though a Friday will give you the week end, if there are any problems, with utilities for instance, nothing will be done over the week end.

If you are going to need removalists, shop around and book them as soon as possible. If you are moving interstate or long distance you may need a company that specializes in long distance removals.

If you aren’t moving straight from one house to another you may need to put your belongings in storage.  Storage facilities vary, security is important so do some research first.  Most removal companies sell packing boxes; these are a standard size and come flat packed.

Work place and safety rules dictate the size of the box, there may also be weight restrictions, but a set of bathroom scales will help you to keep track of this. These boxes are the ideal solution for your packing needs; you will need plenty of packing tape to put them together, and a marker pen to denote what is in them and a room in your new home that it is going to.

Moving House Checklist 2

Sort out your pantry and take stock of all the food in your freezer, plan a menu around what you have so that you can use it not move it.  Do the same with laundry powder and cleaning products, try to use up as much as you can to save packing it.  Check with utility providers about cutting off supply.

Make a note of any items that you won’t be taking with you; i.e. bed, furniture, lawn mower etc. and make plans for their removal. If you want to sell them be aware that advertising and selling will take time.

Moving House Checklist 3

If you have a lot of stuff, a garage sale is a good idea.  If you want to donate them, charities will pick up large items if they are clean and in good condition.  It is always very hard to get rid of stuff at the last minute so it is important to get organized as soon as possible.

moving house checklist one room at a time

Before you start packing decide what you will need when you move. Will you be moving straight from one place to another or will you be

traveling? Pack suitcases with clothes that you will need for moving period, this will save you delving into packed boxes later.  Even if you are moving into your new accommodation the same day it will save you unpacking in a hurry.

Also pack a box with immediate use things.  Will you want a snack or meal when you first arrive?  If you have children then toys and games to keep them occupied could be in this open first box. You are in a new home and unpacking glass and china, accidents happen, the first aid box should also be in this unpack first box.

Try to avoid packing at random, decide where you will start, make up some boxes and work on clearing one space or a room at a time.  You should number each box with a marker pen and write down a rough list of the contents and the room it is going to. Keep the list of boxes and contents separate; apart from the security issue it will be very helpful when unpacking.

Moving House Checklist 4

You should remove rubbish on a regular basis, if you have a curbside pick up service get rid of large items sooner rather than later. Save some newspapers for packing fragile or breakable items. Clean as you go and reserve a space for packed boxes.

If you intend traveling in your own vehicle to your next accommodation, don’t be tempted to take too much with you, leave space for any last minute stuff you have forgotten to pack. Tea towels and some bedding is ideal for padding boxes to keep them safe, make sure you don’t pack all of  these too early.

Moving House Checklist 5

  • When packing boxes be sure to distribute the weight evenly, pack a few heavy items per box and make up the rest with lighter items.
  • Books are usually heavy so don’t put too many in one box.
  • Wrap glass and fragile items in several layers of newspaper or tea towels.
  • Small glass or china pieces can also be packed inside plastic kitchen containers which give added protection.
  • Pack kitchen knives in newspaper, secure with tape or elastic bands and use a marker pen to write the contents on the outside.
  • Safety is important especially if you aren’t going to be unpacking the goods.

Moving House Checklist 6

When dismantling large items such as beds that may have several parts, put these parts such as wheels, nuts, bolts or screws in a plastic bag and tape to the main part. For larger pieces like table legs or shelves tape together and identify by using a marker pen. Removalists will do their best to protect your goods but if you are concerned about any particular items extra padding or packaging is a good idea.

Moving House Checklist 7

moving house checklist book box

When the removalists arrive have everything ready to go, boxes should all be numbered and counted, when you are quite clear about the final number mark each box as follows. No 1 of however many boxes you have. If you have 12 boxes it will read 1 of 12. This means you can count them at the other end. Stack boxes together and as much as possible keep all goods in one place. Apart from furniture there shouldn’t be any other items left about; this removes the chance of anything getting left behind.

Moving House Checklist 8

This has mainly been about the house-hold moving, but there are a lot of other items to consider at both ends of the move.

  1. Any home deliveries should be cancelled or diverted.
  2. Mailing address has to be changed and mail forwarded.
  3. Change of address with banks, registrations, insurance, tax office etc.
  4. Gym/hobby classes and clubs should be notified.
  5. Utilities: Water, gas, electricity and telephone to be dealt with at both ends so allow plenty of time.
  6. Change home and contents insurance, you might also want to insure the moving or check out the removalist company policy.
  7. Movement of hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders and fire arms require special attention.
  8. We haven’t mentioned the children’s schools, but you wouldn’t have forgotten that would you?


One of the major causes of problems when moving house is not getting organized soon enough. Being organized early will help to take the stress out of moving, follow the moving house checklist and make sure the transition is a smooth one.

If it is really too daunting for you, we can help with coaching. Just send us an email.

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