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Some of the leading experts in the field of life expectancy now believe that regular exercise and nutrition using a life extension diet, along with the proper amount of rest may actually add years to your lifespan.  Results from a number of tests indicate that speed and muscular strength of many of the elderly can be extended.

Leading authorities agree that this new life extension data is going to shatter many of the myths about life expectancy and physical performance.  The conclusion now is that the performance and ability of the elderly has long been underestimated.


Average life expectancy in the West

is just about 75 years for women and a little less for men. Conservative experts believe that man is really built to last about 100 years; and that medical advances and more healthful living habits could bring this about within a generation or two.

A Canadian Science magazine in an article on longevity, claimed that the first person that will live to a hundred and fifty had already been born.

life expectancy

What good is it to add years to life though, if we do not also add life to those years? 

There is no point in greater life expectancy, unless people learn to enjoy life and to grow old gracefully, otherwise the life extension may just be an additional burden.

How we age

From 18 to 30 years is roughly the period of highest physical and mental vigour.  The experiences we accumulate from the day we are born help us to conserve and to use our physical and mental abilities more wisely, so that for some time after 30 years we are able to perform increasingly well in spite of slowly slipping vigour.

After age 50 the increasing accumulation of experience is no longer able to offset the now more rapidly decreasing vigour and therefore ageing begins to assert itself noticeably and in many ways.

A number of things may come about gradually such as people who have not used spectacles before may at some time in their forties need them for reading, Also in the forties, people are likely to put on weight.  There is a general slowdown in the oxidation rate of the ageing body tissue, at a time when we tend to do less strenuous work with no reduction in the amount of food consumed.

Ageing is generally accompanied by a loss in physical and mental flexibility.  This is noticed in a tendency to become stiff in the joints; in slower comeback after a strenuous trip, excessive “night life,” or hard work; in slower healing of wounds, sore muscles, and sprains; in slower recovery of pep after an illness; and in greater difficulty to adjust to new people, new places, and new ideas.

Men, especially, will notice loss of muscular strength.  There will be increased unsteadiness and delicate muscle movements will become clumsy, the stride in walking will become shorter.

How to stay Younger, Longer

Now that we know the role that physical activity plays in our life extension, we can start to increase life expectancy.  People who are physically fit look good and feel good.

A good exercise schedulewill lengthen your life, improve your appearance, build self-confidence and give you life extension.  The joints must be used or quite simply they will tighten with age creating that stooped worn out appearance we so often associate with getting old.  Keep yourself flexible and fit on an exercise programme consistent with your ability.


Medical authorities now say that laughter is one of the best medicines for everyone especially the elderly.  Just act your age and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself even when no one else is around.  Laughter is one of the best things for your mental and physical state.

People are naturally attracted to someone who has a good sense of humour.  You can develop a good outlook and a good sense of humour by associating with and surrounding yourself with pleasant happy people.
life expectancy inproves with laughter
Recognise that stress is a killer.  A life filled with stress can really wreak havoc on your body causing a number of illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma, gastric problems, menstrual disorders, ulcerative colitis, angina, irritable colon, increased blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, etc.

There are different types of stress such as mental, emotional and physical.  Emotional stress seems to take the greatest toll on everyone.

All stress is not bad; in fact, life would be very un-interesting if it were not met with challenges. However, too much stress, too often with no effective and appropriate outlet, does not allow the body and soul to recuperate. Not a way to increase life expectancy.


A new study by American and Canadian researchers into life extension shows that weight lifting can reverse the aging process in the elderly by rejuvenating tissues and improving the ability of people undertaking such exercise to physically perform daily tasks.

In the study, the researchers looked at gene expression in the thigh muscle tissue of 25 healthy adults with an average age of 70 who performed resistance training twice a week for half a year. Then, they compared the results to tissue samples taken from adults ranging in age from 20 to 35.

What they found was that resistance training actually reversed the genetic fingerprint of the muscle tissue belonging to the older adults and in fact reversed them to levels that were similar to those observed in the younger group.
life expectancy inproves with exercise
That is, muscle that belonged to 70 year olds reverted back to a younger form and looked similar to that belonging to the 20 to 35 year olds.

But that wasn’’t all they found. The researchers also examined muscle strength both before resistance training and after. Before they began training with weights, the older group was about 60% weaker than the younger group. After six months of training, their strength increased by about 50% and by the end of the experiment their strength was only about 36% weaker than that of the younger group.

The research clearly and dramatically demonstrated the value of exercise in life extension.

Exercise doesn’’t just improve health; it can also reverse the aging process itself. If you are going to have greater life expectancy, you need to be fit enough to enjoy it.


This site provides information and encouragement for older adults to improve and maintain health and fitness. The goal is  to increase the quality of life for senior citizens as they age.

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