Healthy Lifestyle Exercises

Here are some ideas on healthy lifestyle exercises that fit the bill of not only being exercises that will improve your health, but they also improve your lifestyle. How’s that for a healthy lifestyle tip.


Dancing has always been popular but as with most things, fashions come and go, so dance schools come and go. It might be hard at the moment to find a traditional ballroom dancing class, this is good exercise and very social, but Latin-American dancing is having a great revival, much more of a work out and watch those back bends!

Some of the types of dancing at the moment include;

  • Ballroom
  • Line dancing
  • Latin-American
  • Belly dancing
  • Scottish dance
  • Irish dance


Rowing is a wonderful exercise for men and women, it’s also a very good social pastime. Canoeing is making a big comeback and is now very popular and caters for all ages.
Some on the water sports:

  • Rowing
  • Outrigger canoes
  • Dinghy sailing
  • Surf canoe
  • Dragon canoes
  • Surf rescue

healthy lifestyle exercises canoeing


Bowling has been around for a long time and still enjoys widespread popularity. It looks deceptively simple but involves plenty of bending and good co-ordination.

  • Lawn bowls
  • Carpet bowls
  • Boule
  • Tenpin Bowling


The dictionary defines Yoga as:  “An Hindu system of philosophy aiming at the mystical union of the self with the Supreme Being, in a state of complete awareness and tranquility, through certain physical and mental exercises.”

yoga is one of healthy lifestyle exercises

However that said, it’s not necessary to get involved too deeply with the mystical aspect, to gain the benefits of exercise. The beauty of Yoga is that you can start off with very simple exercises and progress at your own speed to various levels of fitness. The very nature of Yoga, tranquility and peace, make it an ideal exercise for stress and tension related problems


Healthy lifestyle exercises

that you can do alone are ideal for slotting into a spare moment, as there are no other participants to round up. Some can be adapted to suit your circumstances such as walking or cycling to work.

Exercise machines and gyms are a good back up but don’t use them exclusively as they can’t replace the real thing.  Most of the balancing has been removed from the machines such as rowing, cycling, and if you use  hand grips on your walking machine, then that too.
Imagine yourself on choppy water or uneven ground and you’ll get the picture.  As balancing uses a great many muscles and co-ordination.  They will also burn more calories, so the natural approach is far better.

Other Pages of Exercises

Breast Exercises  It’s important to understand that the breast itself has no muscle but is actually supported by the muscles in the shoulders back and chest.

Double Chin Exercises  Before we start on the double chin exercises, it is a terrible truth but the double chin is due to fat deposits.  The chin is just another handy place for the body to store fat.

Eye Exercises  Join an increasing number of people who are experiencing remarkable results with eye exercises.

Tummy Exercises  Appearances are important and so often it is that extra bulge around the middle that is the sticking point.

Breathing Properly    Breathing properly comes quite naturally to an infant but after about a year most people acquire different habits that changes their breathing pattern as they age.

Benefits of Walking   The benefits of walking will give us the three universal goals most of us share: to live longer, to live free of illness and to control our weight.

Brain Exercises     Scientific studies of the brain have produced more and more evidence to support the theory that brain exercises can help to keep our brain in good shape as we age. It’s a fact that we are living longer and while most people can cope with an aging body, losing brain function is something we fear and dread.

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