This is a colorless almost tasteless substance used in cooking and preparation of food. It comes in the form of sheets, granules and powder. If you eat a jelly dessert you are eating gelatin.  And the best bit? It’s cheap.

Remember what we said about collagen being found in animal connective tissue?  If you boil up the bones and sinews of animals e.g. beef or chicken, and reduce it down you get gelatin and that is practically collagen.

Here’s what Wikipedia say

The best way to use gelatin.

There are several ways of adding it to food, however it will only dissolve in boiling water or hot dishes such as soup. Add it to tea or coffee before adding milk or cream and stir briskly to dissolve. I use about 1/8 of a teaspoon.

Add it hot dishes such as soups, stews, porridge, puddings and curries. I generally add a teaspoon or more but add it in small amounts so that it dissolves properly. Use it every chance you get and you will soon notice the difference.

I am so convinced that the benefits of collagen are worthwhile that I would like to share this recipe with you so that you can see the benefits for yourself.

benefits of gelatin in chicken soup

A recipe that is full of collagen.

You can use a boiling chicken or parts of a chicken that are on the bone and with skin (wings, legs or breast on the bone) Bring to the boil and simmer with onions celery carrots and your favorite herbs, for an hour.

Use the meat in any dish you like, chicken fricassee, curry, pasta or even a pie. Use some of the stock you have created in the sauce as this is rich in collagen.

Place the remaining stock in the fridge, when cooled overnight it will form a jelly with fat on top.  Discard the fat (though it is quite usable) and what you have left is a rich collagen base for any soups and sauces.  This is a super natural source of collagen.

To turn this into a nutritional chicken soup just add a chopped onion, carrot potato, celery and pumpkin if you like it.  Simmer gently for an hour.  This can be served “Country style” as is, blended into a pottage or even strained and thickened to serve as a cream soup.

Boiling up the bones, skin and gristle of chicken, pork, lamb or beef will give you a natural super food with some of the benefits of collagen, at very little expense.

Gelatin works very well but by far the best way for your body to absorb collagen is via a supplement.

Good luck

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