Eye Exercises

Why Eye Exercises should be part of your daily routine.

Your eyesight generally starts to deteriorate as you age. It is possible that modern electronic screens play a part in failing eyesight, indeed some people in their thirties, and even younger, need spectacles for close work.

Good News! If you practice the eye exercises below, on a regular basis, it is possible to:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the eyes and keep the lens supple so that they can focus more easily.
  • Delay the onset of diminishing eyesight by several years.
  • Delay the need for spectacles or contacts.
  • Improve the clarity of your vision.
  • Relieve eye stress.
  • Lessen head aches.
  • Help you to reduce fatigue throughout your day.


Please note that we highly recommend that you visit your eye physician regularly to ensure you have no eye diseases, and these exercises are simply intended to supplement the advice you receive from your physician.


Should your physician be prescribing glasses simply because you are getting older and doing a lot more close work or feeling fatigue … then the eye exercises described on this page will be of benefit to you.

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Four Easy Eye Exercises

Here are four easy and simple exercises that we recommend you practice:

  • Blinking
  • Palming
  • Focusing
  • Tracing

We’ve put together this quick 90 second video to describe the exercises – but if you are in a place where watching a video isn’t suitable … then read on.


The most simple thing you can do is to blink. Yes that’s right blink. This washes and massages the lens of your eye. Just consciously blink several times when you change focus such as looking up from the TV or a book.



helps to keep the cornea from hardening and can be uses to soothe tired eyes.

Sit at a table where you can rest on your elbows comfortably. Rub your hands together to make them warm, then cover your closed eyes with your palms. Cup your palms to avoid pressing too hard on your eyes, and make sure you blot out any light. Keep your eyes covered for several minutes rubbing your hands together frequently to generate the heat. Do this several times a day, especially if you are doing close work or working with computers.



is used to exercise the muscles around the cornea, the part that is responsible for focusing.

You have seen those movies where someone is about to jump from a tall building and the firemen stand underneath holding out a catcher. Well the catcher is an analogy of your eye lens.

At rest, your lens has a convex shape that allows you to focus at a distance. This is the fireman waiting and there is a sag in the catcher. Now if the person jumps they all pull out so the catcher becomes flat and tight. The firemen are like the muscles around the lens. If you want to focus on a close object the muscles pull the lens flat.

The problem is that as we get older and/or we do a lot of close work, the lens becomes stiff, and the muscles get weaker, so focusing is harder.

The simple solution is to wear glasses, that will do the focusing for you, like getting in the car instead of walking. If we send our eyes to the gym and do eye exercises, this need not happen.

eye exercise chart

For this eye exercise you will need to focus on three objects. If you wear glasses, take them off for this exercise and the objects need not be in clear focus.

One object should be in the distance such as a building or tree. Another object in the middle distance; about half way between you and the first object. Then the third is a pencil or your finger held up about a hand span from your nose.

Lining up all three objects, focus on the distant object, then the middle and then the closest. Now go back the other way, only spending a few seconds on each object.  Now move at random between the objects. Rest your eyes every few minutes by palming.



is the next eye exercise   This is to get the eye to flow in an easy movement.  If you do close work your eye is either fixed in a stare or darting over small areas, both of which cause tension.

This exercise is to give the eye its more natural work of scanning the distance for prey or danger.

If you are outside then you can start from your left and trace the horizon with your eye, going up and down along the edge of each object that breaks the horizon, then work your way back. Palm and then repeat.

If in the city and there is no horizon, then pick a building as far away as practical and trace around its edges.  then trace the windows and entrance.

If you are inside,  look to the farthest part of the room and trace around any objects you see.  Around a picture, notice board or furniture.

Just keep the eyes flowing in as smooth a path as possible.  Keep this up for two minutes then palm and repeat.


Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a very common problem, eyes feel gritty and irritated and although eye drops give temporary relief they do not solve the problem.

The eyes are naturally lubricated by a thin film of oil secreted by ducts situated along the inner edge of the eyelid. When the ducts become clogged or blocked the flow of oil is restricted causing the eyes to dry out.

Eye drops do help to alleviate the situation; however, eye exercises that can help to solve the problem will have more lasting effects.

For this eye exercise you will need a soft clean cloth, a face cloth is ideal and a bowl or wash basin. Make sure your hands are clean.

Fill bowl with enough hot water to soak the cloth. Water should be hot enough to be effective but comfortable on the skin.

Fold the cloth and soak it, cover the eyes and press it gently against eyelids. Hold it there for about 20 seconds. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

Make it a habit to do it every day; this simple exercise will help towards the long term health of your eyes.

Eye exercises are no different from any other form exercise. You need to do them regularly to build the muscles.  You also need to ensure that what you are putting into your body is supporting eye health.

eye exercises

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