Colour Art Therapy

I’m not usually one for following the latest trends but I have to admit that I am now well and truly hooked on Colour Art Therapy, probably better known as “adult colouring in books.” It seems to be all the craze now and like everything once you notice it you see it everywhere.

Colour Art Therapy

I first saw them a few months ago and I wondered what it was all about but then didn’t think anymore about it. When I mentioned it to one of the ladies I work with at the charity shop she said she had bought a book and was really enjoying it.

Colour art Therapy, the pencils

Colour art Therapy, the pencils

As it happened, shortly after our conversation a big bundle of coloured pencils  came in as part of a donation so I bought them. I then went to a newsagent and chose a colouring  book. There is a huge range available some of which are very intricate, any doubts I had about it being for children were well and truly dispelled.

I have just written an article on the benefits of exercises for a healthy brain and thought I would give colour art therapy a go.


The whole colour art therapy thing is marketed as a relaxation tool which also stimulates the brain areas related to the senses and creativity.  Apparently by concentrating on a straightforward task that allows complete creative freedom, the body and mind become more relaxed. It is also a form of brain exercise which is what interested me in the first place.

The Colouring Book

The Colouring Book

Chris and I generally do all our chores and errands in the morning, have a fairly late lunch and relax in the afternoon. We have a small room at the stern of the boat which catches the afternoon sun and makes it quite warm in the winter.  We usually spend a few hours relaxing before dinner, I play scrabble and catch up with my magazines and Chris does Sudoku and plays chess. Colour art therapy has now become part of that routine and I have to say I find it very relaxing.

Not Artistic

I always enjoyed colouring in as a child but I was never artistic and was never able to make colours work together. The adult colouring books are in a different league altogether, if you have an artistic streak or an eye for colour the sky is the limit. One popular magazine ran a competition for the best picture and the results were stunning. Some people really do have amazing talent enabling them to turn something ordinary into a work of art.

I was surprised how time consuming it is, I often spend an hour and only manage to complete a small section. I am also getting better at colour co-ordination so I hope it is doing something for my brain. Our boss at the shop is big on colour blocking; keeping colours together in graduating shades and it is surprising how difficult it is.


As  the pencils I bought at the charity shop didn’t have a big colour range I decided to look around for some new ones and I figured there would be a good selection in one of the main stores. Boy was I right, there was a huge selection of books and pencils many of which were in gift packs, and I was spoilt for choice.

Colour Art Therapy

Colour Art Therapy

It really bought it home to me just how popular colour art therapy is. My one book will take forever to get through so I don’t need another one just yet but I was very tempted, they were all so beautiful.

Who would use colouring in?

I should think this type of activity would be good for people who are bedridden or those who can’t get around too well and it is suitable for male or female .The nearest thing we had to anything like it when I was young was, painting by numbers. It was popular for a while and I remember my father trying his hand at it, of course they never looked as good as a picture painted by an artist but some of them were quite good.

There are a lot of people who don’t have much artistic talent but still like to try their hand at something and colour art therapy fits the bill nicely. I suppose like most trends it will run its course but I have to say I am enjoying it while it lasts.

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