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Keeping a Trim Waist

After reading the title “Keeping a Trim Waist” a common retort would probably be, what waist?  As we all know shifting weight from around the middle is difficult if not impossible as we age.

I haven’t thought about a trim waist in years but I suddenly thought about it yesterday when we left the marina at Abel Point and sailed across the Whitsunday Passage. The wind was whipping up a rough keeping a trim waistsea and being a yacht we were being tossed about a fair bit and I was reminded of something our son’s partner said a few years ago.

Due to pressure of work we were unable to sail our last boat full time and when our son expressed a wish to go sailing we offered our boat. He and his partner Gretta sailed it from the Gold Coast to Cairns. Gretta wasn’t mad about sailing and in the event they gave it up when they reached Cairns.  However she did say that one good thing about sailing was keeping a trim waist.

She explained, quite rightly, that when sailing especially in choppy seas you never sit still, and when I thought about it I understood what she meant. On our last boKeeping a trim waist on Moonstoneat, the one Aaron and Gretta sailed we had a long bench across the stern that we used as a steering position, you could brace your legs on the coaming on either side and hey presto, instant waist trimming exercises. It also gave the legs a bit of a work out as well, after a few hours you knew all about it!!

These days we tend to use the auto-pilot which steers the boat for us, however you still need to be on watch so the  seat at the helm is the logical place to be. On a day like yesterday your body is constantly flexing to stay balanced so it can be a real workout. Add to that going up and down the companionway steps to make tea and coffee and it is as good as going to the gym.

After getting our anchor down at a very pretty anchorage called Macona inlet we decided against going ashore since we felt we had done quite enough exercise for one day. Mind you a glass of wine and cheese and biscuits at sundown probably undid all the good work.

I should imagine horse riding is pretty good for keeping a trim waist; it can’t be unlike sailing in the sense that you have to stay in your seat while the horse is moving. Years ago when we first got married we went on a pony trekking holiday in Scotland. Looking back now I can see why we were so exhausted, of course in those days I did have a waist and with the arrogance of youth thought I would have it forever.

As I write this the wind has got up so we are moving about a bit even on anchorage, it’s good to know that even sitting down I am still working towards keeping a trim waist.


Some Serious Cardiovascular

Well we all know that cardiovascular exercise is good for us but how often do we get around to doing it? Chris and I make a point of walking every day, along the beach if possible, but we don’t do much in the way of cardiovascular exercise.

walk the hill for cardiovascular

Bluff Point

However last week we decided it was time to tackle the “Bluff”, a rocky outcrop situated at the end of the beach where we walk most days. Up until now it has been too hot but last week we had the perfect weather, warm and sunny with a breeze. We are in autumn now so we are looking forward to sunny days without the heat and humidity.

We also expect to leave here very shortly to go cruising up the coast and we were determined to do the walk before we go. Armed with some water, a flask of coffee and fruit cake we set off. It is a half hour walk to reach the bluff so we took it easy so that we weren’t exhausted before we started!

We chose to walk up the back way which is a winding incline and less strenuous than the front which is quite steep. Mind you we found the incline to be as much cardiovascular exercise as we needed since we aren’t as young and as fit as we used to be. It was all worth the effort, when we reached the top the views were stunning. The Keppel islands were spread out before us and the hills stretched out behind us to the hinterland, it was so clear we could see for miles.

Bluff Point

A closer view of the point

The local council have done a fabulous job with the steps and pathways, everything was done for ease and safety and blended in to look as natural as possible, we were impressed. There were also a couple of viewing platforms with seats looking out over the water, we stopped at the first one for coffee and cake and it was magic. One other couple passed us but otherwise we were on our own.

Recent rain has clouded the water so we didn’t see any turtles at the viewing spot; however we have them in the marina so we see them on a regular basis. We did see three snakes though, two medium sized ones and one really big fella that crossed the path a few yards ahead of us. Fortunately he was about as keen as us to stop and socialize, he melted into the bush quick smart.

When we got to the descent we were glad we had chosen to go up the back way’ it looked like some serious cardio. We probably would have made it but would have needed

a lot more time at the top to get over it. The tide was out when we got to the bottom so we walked back along the beach, it took us thee hours all up and we felt pretty pleased with ourselves when we got back to the boat.


Pelvic Floor Exercises

About three months ago I purchased a pelvic floor exerciser. I decided on this course of action after experiencing several “little accidents” triggered by sneezing or sudden bouts of coughing.
Pelvic floor exercises are fairly easy to do but I had trouble remembering to do them regularly so I decided to give the exerciser a go. I purchased a Kegel exerciser which works by squeezing it between the thighs.


I started off by doing a few exercises every day and increasing gradually, I now do a hundred every morning. I won’t bother to increase it further since this seems to be working well for me. The exerciser is fitted with an adjustable spring which I have moved up a couple of notches since I started.
I am really happy with the results, sneezing is no longer a problem and because I can see results I will continue to do the exercises every day.

The other good news is that the exercises have helped to tighten my thighs, I haven’t exactly got buns of steel but I’m working on it!!. Chris and I do quite a lot of walking which is great for keeping legs and thighs in shape but I’m convinced the exerciser helps.

I would encourage women of all ages to do pelvic floor exercises on a regular basis, you are never too young or too old to start. I am surprised and pleased that I have seen results so quickly and hope others

may see such see such good results.

pelvic floor exerciser