Breast Exercises

Breast Exercises

The breasts are supported by muscles in the shoulders, back and chest. Breast Exercises help to strengthen these muscles and give the appearance of firmer breasts.

Because there aren’t actually any muscles in the breast itself, some people might consider breast exercises a waste of time.  However I did these exercises for years and found them to be very effective.
There are several reasons why your breasts may look less than perfect so as well as exercises look at other things that may need attention.


Good Posture

This will help to make your breasts seem more taut and defined. Try this exercise to see what effect posture has on your breasts.
Stand sideways on in front of a mirror.
Stand straight with shoulders back and you will notice how your silhouette seems to tighten up.
This is the effect that breast exercises will help you to achieve. Posture is very important, be more aware of how you walk and stand so that you get the best results from these breast exercises.



Many women carry large bags or their children on a regular basis, if you do this and always use the same side you might notice that your shoulders aren’t level. Try to correct this by consciously using the other arm or shoulder.

Check that your bra is giving you the support that you need. Don’t be tempted to buy bras because they look nice, support is crucial for long term comfort.

Shop around so that you find something that is up to the job but looks good as well. Allow plenty of time when buying a bra as it can be time consuming to get it right.

breast exercises, bust measurements

Don’t try to make one style do everything, if you work out, invest in a good sports bra, if you sit at a desk all day look for comfort and support even if means changing again for the evening. Be aware of what your bra is doing for you, good support will help you not only with comfort, but it will give the best shape to your bust.


If you have small breasts

This exercises will improve muscle tone and firmness which helps to achieve a fuller look. There is no medical proof that breast exercises can improve bust size but there is no doubt that breast exercises, coupled with good posture can improve appearance to a degree that breasts can appear larger.

As with all exercise start slowly and work up to the desired number over time. I always did ten  exercises at a time, generally twice a day, morning and evening. You should feel the muscles working but there shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort, it’s not necessary to knock yourself out, the key is to be consistent, make it a daily habit.

After my breast cancer operation I took 3 months off to recuperate, during this time I didn’t do any exercise, I just gave my body time to heal. As soon as I felt strong enough I went back to doing breast exercises and was surprised how quickly the muscle tone returned.

The exercises that I do are very simple

Stand with feet slightly apart and shoulders straight. Place your hands together as if in prayer, now swivel your hands through 90 degrees.  You should now have one hand pointing up while the other points out from your body.  Hold your hands close to your breasts, elbows and wrists should form a straight line parallel to the ground.

Push palms together so that you feel your muscles contract, hold for a couple of seconds and relax. Remember if you are doing breast exercises for the first time, take it slowly, two or three at most, allow your body to get used to working different muscles without stress.


There is another very simple exercise that is also very effective. For this exercise stand, feet slightly apart at arms length from a wall. Hold your arms out straight and place palms flat against the wall, make sure you are standing straight not leaning in, and press palms firmly against the wall. Now bend your elbows allowing your body to move in to the wall, then push out until you are upright.

breast exercises, press-ups

A more strenuous method of the above exercise is to do it laying down.  Yes it is a push up. This will also tighten up any flab in the arms, but don’t go building muscles as these will easily turn to fat.


Breast exercises are a great way to keep breasts toned and firm after childbirth, however for breastfeeding mothers it would be better to wait until the baby is weaned before starting the exercises. Keeping in shape doesn’t mean a punishing exercise regime; a few exercises done every day coupled with a healthy diet will keep you fit throughout your life.

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