Benefits of Walking

The benefits of walking

will give us the three universal goals most of us share:

  • To live longer,
  • To live free of illness
  • To control our weight.

Dr. Doidge, a Canadian psychiatrst and author of “The Brain that Changes Itself” said. “Walking is so natural, so pedestrian in the sense of being ordinary.  It may not be high tech but it is one of the most powerful neuroplastic interventions we know of.”

Interesting enough, walking may be man’s best medicine for slowing the aging process. First, walking works almost every muscle in the body, improving circulation to the joints and massaging the blood vessels (keeping them more elastic).

Walking also helps us maintain both our muscle mass and metabolism as we age. The benefits of walking also keep us young in spirit.


For anyone out of shape or not athletically inclined, walking is the no-stress, no-sweat answer to lifelong conditioning. All it takes is a little time, common sense and a few guidelines.

The benefits of walking will strengthen bones, control weight, tone the leg muscles, maintain good posture and improve positive self-concept.

To lose weight

It’s more important to walk for a time rather than speed. Walking at a moderate pace yields longer workouts with less soreness; leading to more miles covered and more calories spent on a regular basis.

benefits of walking


High-intensity walks on alternate days help condition one’s system. But in a walking, weight-loss program, it’s better to be active every day. This doesn’t require walking an hour every day. The key is leading an active life-style 365 days a year. It’s everyday habits that define our weight and body composition.

  • A three-minute walk after each meal is worth four pounds less body fat annually.
  • Two flights of stairs a day burns off half a pound of body fat in a year.
  • On the other hand, one candy bar eaten daily will cost you 20 pounds annually, requiring a walk of an hour every day, to reduce it.


Most people lead busy lives and quite often taking time out to fit in an extra activity is difficult.   However it’s worth bearing in mind that a few minutes exercise a day is better than none at all.
Try to get into the habit of thinking “walking” before you reach for your car keys, and when parking your car don’t automatically look for the nearest bay!

The benefits of walking is your health and your health is priceless.

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