Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of exercise

is something you must think about if you want to retain any semblance of physical fitness. The fact that good health, diet and exercise are all interrelated can no longer be ignored.

Think about the Benefits of Exercise in terms of a more active lifestyle rather than hours spent in the gym. Review your daily routine and see where you can work more activity into your schedule. Just being more active in general will help to burn calories and reduce body fat.

When it comes to the Benefits of Exercise lots of small changes can add up and make a difference. Consider this, a half hour aerobic workout in a gym accounts for less energy than your day to day movements in the home or office. Try some of these strategies to help boost your fitness level and get more exercise into your day.

Benefits of Exercise Tips.

  • When shopping park your car further away so that you walk a few extra yards.
  • When there is a choice of ramp or stairs use the stairs.
  • Do not use the lift if you are only traveling one or two floors up.
  • If you travel to work by bus or tram make an effort once or twice a week to walk to the next stop.
  • Go for a brisk ten minute walk in your lunch break.

Be more conscious of the benefits of exercise and be on the lookout for things you can do to step up your daily activity level. Small things done on a regular basis will have a better effect than energetic bouts of activity every so often.

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Benefits of Exercise for losing weight.

People who diet without the benefits of exercise often find it hard to keep the weight off. Weight that you lose by dieting consists mostly of water and muscle, if it returns it comes back as fat. To keep in shape after weight loss, increase your metabolism by exercising regularly.

The best way to stay active is through lifestyle exercise. However there are some simple activities that you can do for a few minutes each day which will make a big difference.

Benefits of Exercise, Simple Techniques.

  • Try skipping for two minutes in the morning or evening.
  • Jog on the spot for two or three minutes at a time
  • March on the spot swinging arms up to shoulder level.
  • Using a step or split level floor do step ups.
  • Use a hula hoop to flex those tummy muscles.
  • Bend down and touch your toes. Start with one and work up to ten over a period of time.

This will give you an idea of what you can do in the privacy of your own home and still get the benefits of exercise. They may seem simple but they will get the oxygen pumping round your body and you will feel great afterwards. Just remember to take it easy to begin with because they are more physical than you think.

benefits of exercise

People who diet without the benefits of exercise often get fatter with time. Although your weight may initially drop while dieting, such weight loss consists mostly of water and muscle. When the weight returns, it comes back as fat.

To avoid getting fatter, increase your metabolism by exercising regularly. However exercise doesn’’t have to be a punishing regime that leaves us wrung out and wondering if it’s all worthwhile. Before you throw in the towel, then head for the nearest pizza outlet, get the benefits of exercise by following some of these suggestions.


The benefits of exercise is extensive, so some exercises have their own page. Just follow the link.
Breast Exercises It’s important to understand that the breast itself has no muscle but is actually supported by the muscles in the shoulders back and chest.

Double Chin Exercises Before we start on the double chin exercises, it is a terrible truth but the double chin is due to fat deposits. The chin is just another handy place for the body to store fat.

Eye Exercises If we exercise our eyes on a regular basis it is possible to retard the onset of diminishing eye sight by several years.

Tummy Exercises Appearances are important and so often it is that extra bulge around the middle that is the sticking point.

Breathing Properly Breathing properly comes quite naturally to an infant but after about a year most people acquire different habits that changes their breathing pattern as they age.

Benefits of Walking The benefits of walking will give us the three universal goals most of us share: to live longer, to live free of illness and to control our weight.

Brain Exercises Scientific studies of the brain have produced more and more evidence
to support the theory that brain exercises can help to keep our brain in good shape as we age. It’s a fact that we are living longer and while most people can cope with an aging body, losing brain function is something we fear and dread.

Healthy Lifestyle Exercises For more information on the benefits of exercise and some exercises that are all about a healthy lifestyle.


The Healthy Lifestyle Tips approach to the benefits of exercise is to try and tune your whole body rather than concentrate on specific areas. Instead of spending hours at the gym, it’s much better to balance exercise and lifestyle.

benefits of exercise walking

The idea is to give your whole body enough exercise so that it stays supple, this will keep you young. Draw up a list of activities that you enjoy and evaluate the level of fitness and exercise they involve.

Take into consideration any other exercise you do on a regular basis. Then work out a schedule that gives you the best possible combination. This way you get to do a variety of exercises and enjoy yourself at the same time.


Specific Exercises These are exercises that deal with a single area of concern, for example, breathing exercises, exercises for digestion, or pelvic exercises to tighten the pelvic floor. At Healthy Lifestyle Tips, the benefits of exercise is just about staying healthy, we assume you are not concerned with body building,

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So get the benefits of exercises by doing:


If you rise in the morning feeling cramped and achy try a few gentle stretches to loosen up. Simple stretches such as raising your arms straight above your head then bending to touch your toes, should suffice. Gentle is the operative word here, use slow fluid movements, avoid jerky bone jarring motions and keep to comfortable limits.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women

Strengthening the pelvic floor can help to control an incontinence or leaking problem that besets many women as they start to age. This exercise also has the attraction of adding a little zest to your sex life; in ancient cultures women practiced this exercise to give extra pleasure during lovemaking.

It is never too late to start, and if you start early and make it a habit you stand a good chance of avoiding the problem all together. It’s a good exercise because you can do it at the bus stop, sitting in a car, or virtually anywhere if you have a few minutes to spare

It is important to remember not to tighten your thighs or buttocks and to keep your stomach relaxed. A good way to monitor this is to put a hand lightly on your abdomen.

Your tummy should remain still while you do this exercise The exercise involves the muscle that is used to control the flow of urine. Squeeze and hold this muscle for the count of three seconds. Relax for five seconds, then repeat the exercise.

Do this as many times a day as you can manage, gradually working up, over a period of time, until you can hold for a count of ten seconds.

When you do this exercise, you should get a feeling of drawing up. It may be difficult at first, and if you’re unsure what’s happening insert a finger gently into your vagina, as you hold the contraction you will be able to feel the muscle clamp your finger.


Deep Breathing

Women especially suffer from shallow breathing habits. Healthy breathing cleanses the body of all the toxins in the blood system. Get into the habit of doing a few deep breathing exercises every day. You will increase the benefits of exercise if you can do them in the fresh air.

Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms at your side, breath in deeply through the nose and clasp your hands loosely behind your back. Hold the breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly, bringing your arms back to your sides.

benefits of exercise, breathing

Take longer to breathe out than you did to breathe in, as the idea is to exhale the stale breath that carries the toxins from your body.

Start with four or five and increase it over time, you will soon notice that you can do ten or more comfortably.

At no time should you make yourself dizzy, this is hyperventilating with too much oxygen going to the brain.



For thousands of people indigestion is a fact of life and while antacids offer immediate relief they are not a healthy alternative in the long run. A short stroll after a meal, especially in the evenings does wonders for the digestive system.

Fifteen minutes at a nice leisurely pace should suffice. If you do not feel inclined to leave home, spend a few minutes in the garden or even the lounge room walking up and down.



Here is a good exercise to get the circulation going on a cold morning, or any morning that you think a cup of coffee is needed to get you going! Marching on the spot. Keep your back straight and lift your knees as high as possible. Do this fairly briskly counting on the down stroke of the right leg.

benefits of exercise high stepping

Fifty is a good target to aim for but be warned this is an exhausting exercise. You will need to start slowly and build up both numbers and speed. After completing the exercise you should feel the blood tingling in your legs and feet.
To get the benefits of exercise, remember to stay within your comfort zone. What seems OK today may have repercussions tomorrow.


Exercise to Stimulate Hair Growth.

The benefits of exercise extend even to this area of health. Thinning hair or hair loss is of major concern to thousands of people. Reasons why are many and varied but one of the reasons for hair loss is poor blood circulation to the scalp. This starves the hair roots of oxygen and nutrients.

Blood flow to the scalp

Lay on the floor and support your trunk on your elbows, lift your legs straight in the air above your head. If you are not fit enough or strong enough to take your weight on your arms, support your legs against a wall. Do this for at least two minutes both morning and at night.

If you can not manage either of those, try laying across your bed with your head and shoulders hanging over the edge. Again do not overdo this one, more frequently is better than longer.

Invest in a quality natural bristle brush and after the morning exercise brush your scalp. Lean over as far as possible from the waist and brush with firm even strokes. This will massage your scalp, and the tingling feeling in your head will tell you that it is working.

Unfortunately this is not an overnight remedy, growing hair is a slow process, but if you are patient you should see an improvement in the health of your hair after a few months.

Do not forget oily fish such as mackerel, tuna, sardines and salmon, all are good for the hair. A recipe to stimulate hair growth is included in the chapter onAromatherapy and essential oils


Mental Exercise

Exercising the mind means just that, stretching our mind to make it think. We are thinking all the time but mostly on a mundane level that does not require much effort. Some simple exercises on a regular basis will help to keep the brain active and alert.

Stimulate your memory by trying to remember what you had for dinner a week ago, or in what order you visited the shops last time you went shopping. As you get better at this make the questions harder. Crosswords are a good form of exercise.

If you do them on a regular basis, buy a completely different newspaper or magazine to make it more difficult. Doing a quiz can be entertaining for family groups as well as a good way of learning, and don’t forget the two good old standbys, Scrabble and chess.

If you read novels, browse in the non-fiction for a change and pick a subject you might like to learn about. Learn another language, write a book or take a home study course.

All these things will help to give your brain a good work out, and remember fish and rolled oats are an excellent brain food.

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