Benefits of Collagen

The benefits of collagen supplements

is the most exciting thing to come on the market for the health and beauty industry in recent times. I started adding collagen to my diet a couple of years ago and I am more than happy with the results.

Collagen in beauty products.

You are most likely to be familiar with collagen by way of beauty products. The beauty industry are particularly excited about the benefits of collagen because it has such a rejuvenating affect on your skin, hair and nails. Their problem is that collagen is not well absorbed, if at all, through the skin via creams. Including it in your diet or taking a supplement is the best way to obtain all the wonderful benefits of collagen.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein found in the connective tissue of all mammals including humans. Of the 16 types, I, II, and III are the common collagens found in humans. Collagen makes up more than 25% of the proteins in our body; in fact it is often referred to as the glue that holds us together. It is the second largest component in our bodies after water.

Collagen Types.

Type I, II and III collagens account for up to 90% of the collagen in our bodies. Type I is required for healthy skin, ligaments, bones, teeth, and tendons. Collagen type II is found in your cartilages and eyes. While type III is required for muscle tone, blood vessels, and again in the skin.

Collagen a wonder natural product.

The body of a new born baby is rich in collagen, however from about the age of 25 the ability to reproduce collagen is diminished. After the age of 35 it stops altogether and the aging process gets into full swing. The best source of collagen from animals is from beef or chicken, however a marine collagen is now proving to be better. Egg whites or wheat germ may be the only source for vegetarians.

Look Younger.

The benefits of collagen can help to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth.

  • Nails may become stronger, white spots should disappear and the nail bed should retain a healthy color.
  • Skin will appear less dry and elasticity is likely to improve, giving a smooth young appearance.  Skin also heals quickly and will help in the reduction of scar tissue.
  • Cellulite. Because of its hydration qualities, collagen helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Weight loss. Collagen helps in weight loss as it is all protein and this metabolizes fat and helps muscle development.
  • Helps to fade age spots. In my case a very dark age spot on the back of my hand has almost disappeared.
  • Collagen stimulates hair growth

Feel Younger.

Arthritis and sore joints. Collagen can help to relieve soreness and friction in your joints as it rebuilds cartilage.
Bones. Collagen is just as important for your bones as calcium. The benefits of collagen help to strengthen bones and reduce the chance of them becoming brittle.
Good for your eyes. The cornea needs collagen and it will also help to keep the muscles in your eyes supple giving you better vision.
Heart disease. Collagen will help remove plaque from artery walls while strengthening and repairing them.
Fitness. Collagen builds muscle tone and helps with cardiovascular health.
Keep your brain healthy. Glya cells supply nutrition to your brain and these are supported by collagen. It is important to make sure your brain gets the benefits of collagen so your mind stays in good shape as you age.
These are just a few of the benefits you may experience, basically collagen will be an advantage for every part of your body.

Collagen will benefit Joint Pain

How do you get collagen? Collagen is difficult to absorb in a natural diet, it is basically found in gelatin. Beauty creams are not very effective as the skin will not absorb collagen, while injections are very expensive only lasting a few months. However, the best form of collagen and the easiest way for the body to absorb it, is to take it via a supplement.

Marine Collagen

Recent studies have shown that collagen from fish and seaweed is likely to produce even better benefits than collagen from animals. MaxaLife marine collagen is harvested in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean off New Zealand. These waters flow directly from Antarctica.
I really hope you discover the benefits of collagen and I would be very interested to hear about any improvements that you experience.

Let us know what you think, add a comment below.

Good luck.

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