Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and essential oils

date back to the ancient Egyptians, who used the essential oils for health and beauty.  Today the use of aromatherapy is widespread and the benefits are many.  Aromatherapy and Essential oils can be used in many different ways that make them ideal for the modern lifestyle.

Essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin so they are added to carrier oils such as sweet almond or olive oil.  This mixture can then be used for massage or body lotion.

aromatherapy and essential oils

When using aromatherapy and essential oils for meditation and relaxation, try using a vaporizer.  These come in all shapes and sizes but in general they are a unit consisting of a small dish at the top with room underneath for a night candle.  Fill the dish with hot water add a few drops of essential oil and light the candle.  The strength of the oils will depend on the quality you buy, you will need to experiment a little before you get it just right.

Ideally the scent should be strong enough to create a pleasant fragrance without being too overpowering.  Vaporizers are also great for general use in the home or at the office.  You can choose an essential oil to suit any mood or occasion, or try mixing your own special fragrance.

A few drops of essential oil added to your bath water is a wonderful way to relax after a tiring day.  Spa baths and saunas are also ideal places to dispense a few drops of your favourite oil.  Foot baths are back in vogue again, Ten to fifteen minutes soaking in warm water with essential oils can do wonders for aching legs and feet.


Keep your underwear fresh and fragrant by adding a few drops of oil to the rinsing water, or put a few drops on a cotton wool ball and leave it in your underwear draw.  Bear in mind that some oils are not suitable for pregnant women, women who are breast feeding or for people with some medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

Try using some of these oils.


  • Meditation

    Frankincense,  Myrrh,  Yiang,  Ylang

  • Relaxation

    Lavender,  Marjoram,  Neroli

  • Office

    Basil,  Clary Sage,  Lemon



Use approximately 10 drops of essential oils to 20 ml. of massage oil, such as sweet almond or olive oil.  Generally the ten drops would be a blend of 3 or 4 oils.  Some oils you could use are;
Bergamot   Lavender   Cedar wood   Neroli   Rosemary


Try adding 8 – 10 drops of essential oil to a bath.  Some good relaxing oils are;
Geranium   Lavender   Cedar wood   Camomile Rose


Tea tree   Pine   Eucalyptus


Juniper   Rosemary   Peppermint



50mls Jojoba oil
12 drops Rosemary
7 drops Lavender
5 drops Cedar wood or Sandal wood

Mix the essential oils and jojoba thoroughly and pour into a glass bottle or ceramic container: do not use plastic, store away from light.  Warm a little oil in the palm of your hand before applying to the scalp  Using fingertips massage firmly, allowing the scalp to absorb the oil for as long as possible before shampooing. Use 2 or 3 times a week for best results.
There are also exercises you can do to stimulate hair growth


Most essential oils will work well on their own but for more specific results it’s a good idea to blend two or three fragrances.  Any good aromatherapy and essential oils will have information on which oils work well together.

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