My name is Trish and together with my husband Chris we have put together a site designed to help others attain the healthy lifestyle we enjoy.

Here is a little more background about us and why we developed this site.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I like many other sufferers did some research to find out how best to cope with the situation. This led me to the belief that we should be treating our whole body as one, and only then can we live a truly healthy life.

By offering Healthy Lifestyle Tips we aim to give you wellbeing and lifestyle along with the health to enjoy it.

For Me it took a total change of attitude towards life, and having got my life and health back on track, I qualified as a Life Coach so that I could help others achieve the same results. Life Coaching though is a one on one approach, so doesn’t reach many people.  By putting what I know onto a web site I can help many more people enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

Wellbeing-Information first came to life in 2000 as “How 2 Information.net”

It morphed into Wellbeing Information.com in 2005

So, thanks to our readers, we have been around for a long time.

It is our sincere hope that Wellbeing Information and its Healthy Lifestyle Tips will provide you with the catalyst and knowledge to gain the most from your life in all it’s parts.

I do still coach, so if you would like more information, contact me at  trish@wellbeing-information.com

At this stage we have concentrated on health and general well-being since we feel that these are of major importance to most people, however a  deal more information will be added, so keep coming back.

We also look forward to your feedback so that we may research other subjects of interest to you, and take onboard your comments.

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