Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Wellbeing Information gives you these healthy lifestyle tips that are a compilation of practical steps and ideas on everything from exercise and diet to stress free living.

Mostly it is good old common sense but we also embrace technology and keep an eye on the health front.  We are open to new ideas and are prepared to try different things if we think they have merit.

Being of a certain age and on a limited income we have been able tohealthy lifestyle tips enjoy a lifestyle that keeps us in good shape physically and mentally as well as getting more out of life than we ever imagined possible.  By sharing this information we hope to encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle, we don’t do “difficult” so all the information and strategies are straight forward and easy to follow.

Neither of us is on prescribed medication but we do take some vitamins and supplements. We believe good health and lifestyle are linked so we have included a wide range of subjects to help you get on track. It is not essential for you to spend a fortune on fancy foods to get the nutrients you need, through healthy lifestyle tips we can show you what to buy and how to plan meals.

Bearing in mind that we are of a certain age our exercise regime is of necessity not taxing, we definitely don’t subscribe to the “No pain no gain” mantra!!

healthy lifestyle tips exercise helps

Over time we have found the exercise program to be effective.  Recently I have incorporated a couple of new exercises into my routine which are proving to be very effective.

We consider “Wellbeing” to be a healthy lifestyle and that is so much more than diet and exercise, we have included heaps more information that we hope will encourage you to lead a healthy life. We really hope that some of the strategies you find on our site will help you on your journey towards better health.

Wishing all the best Trish & Chris.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips